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Monitor And Analyse Your Team's Activity With Salesforce Implementation

Sales Cloud Solutions

Sales force has now emerged as the global leader in Customer relationship Management and has created many jobs in the process. Some of the notable positions in this field of business are profiles related to Sales force Administrators, Sales force Consultants and Sales force Developers. A sales force developer should have Sales force certifications even though they do not have a degree. They should additionally have an in depth knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Principles, Model View – Controller Design Pattern,.Net Programming or Java to become a successful sales force developer.

Sales cloud Business consultation

Sales Cloud Business consultation is usually held to discuss sales cloud solutions with a client. CRM can help in designing a sales process workflow but it cannot provide strategic solutions that is required for a business. There are many companies who are at present proficient in offering tailor made solutions using Sales force and CRM techniques. Generally a sales cloud business consultation is held to discuss these solutions with the client company.

Some of the sales cloud solutions that are currently in demand are

  • Sales Performance Management – Sales Performance Management solutions are designed to provide incentives and alignment for the team involved in sales which can aid them in establishing a metrics driven sales management framework. The metrics can further act as a guide for identifying good performers in a team,.

  • Marketing Automation Integration – Marketing automation platforms should be integrated with sales automation systems in the CRM for an effective revenue performance management. If otherwise, marketing platforms will only perform campaign managements.

  • Integration with ERP – An integration between Sales force CRM and ERP systems is essential to obtain a 360 degree view of the customer and also for a good master data management model in a company. This is necessary for enabling customer engagement experiences. If the process is done manually, it is prone to errors and is time consuming and may even sometimes lead to duplication of customer information.

  • Price -Quote (PQ) Enabling – This sales cloud solution enables the sales team to manage every configuration, price and quote within the CRM environment which goes a long way in optimizing the results of Quote – to-Cash business process.

  • Empowering the sales team – It is a good idea to tap the power that lies within the's enterprise mobility platform to create mobile phone applications which in turn can drive the sales team.